Monday, October 1, 2012

Day 66: When the Door of Opportunity Opens

This is a continuation to Day 65: Admit It - You Can't Hear
I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to when/as the door of opportunity precedes itself to limit/enslave myself, especially and specifically within the boundaries of someone presenting a practical-insight to no longer remain confined to the barriers within and as myself, I allow myself to immediately/instantaneously abuse/compromise/sabotage myself and the other party that is presenting the point, because I am already in my mind reacting to a picture-presentation of someone presenting the point before the moment had already presented itself, wherein I've already completely disregarded the regard of the person that is presenting the point and ultimately myself to fully take the moment to it's utmost potential to be/become my fullest potential of living, because I've already before the door of opportunity had even arrived, given up on myself, completely and totally, I have already given up on myself by/through in the moment that is about to arise, because I am too busy in my mind placing/projecting myself outward to how I can handle to not handle the point that is being presented in the moment, as I've become a victim to myself - thus I now see how I must be the one to not see above and beyond a moment to continuously sabotage/compromise/abuse myself, but to be the self-directive principle of my life that is always making the decision to stand here as self-expression to no longer create unnecessary barriers within and as a practical-insight presents itself - thus I realize I in every and every breath, in each and every moment, that I must stand here to realize that actually HEREing what is HERE is the key to no longer fearing who I am/have become, in fact.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not realize that I can 'realize' who I am/have become as an expression of myself in every moment of how/who I am, and in that live rest in each moment wherein I will no longer remain thinking, believing and perceiving that self-realization must be suppressed/hidden within/as myself at all costs. In this I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not place myself here in each and every moment to the best of my ability - not giving into the idea/belief/perception/assumption that I am/must continuously live my life throughout not HEREing absolutely nothing to remain HERE, in this realizing with myself in each breath as who I am as life.

Therefore, I see that the practical-solution is to when/as the door of opportunity arises to expand myself in all ways is to check myself by/through taking a deep breath to see/realize/understand that the only way I can possibly expand myself in all facets, to in fact apply myself accordingly within and as this physical reality by/through actually HEREing what is HERE, wherein I no longer immediately/instantaneously have a dimensional shift and imagine all the possible formalities I can use/abuse to maintain my self-interest. I direct myself to remain here as breath as self-awareness to in-fact HERE what the other person is presenting in the moment, without giving into my mind to remain in my time-loop of compromise/abuse/sabotage and as such, supporting me to instead HERE for the first time, because I've been too busy having dimensional shifts, fearing that who I am/have become will go away at any moment, knowing the entire time that I was in no way and could only be/become a limitation/enslaved character/personality to do everything in my delusional power to not HERE what is HERE.

When and as I see myself fearing a door of opportunity to no longer remain Confined to the Con of Consciousness, that I've created over time to ever realize who I am/must be and become, I stop, I breathe and I bring myself back HERE to in fact HERE. I realize that whenever I have feared a door of opportunity, especially and specifically someone presenting a practical-insight, I end up a victim to myself, wherein I in actuality programed/conditioned myself through my life to remain a slave/character - not seeing/realizing/understanding that it's all I've been and have used to be/become to the point that I've lived it without any questioning - thus, if I can literally be/become something to such an extent, I can most certainly assist/support to bring myself back HERE to in fact HERE, to inevitably reach the Point of No Return, wherein I naturally assist/support, in each and every breath, in each and every moment, in fact.

Thus, I forgive myself that I have not accepted and allowed myself to fully consider/take into consideration/account and realize that in making the choice/decision to already give up on myself, before the moment of practical-insight precedes itself, I have already determined my choice/decision to not stand here as self-expression to remain HERE to in fact HERE, for real, for Life, in all ways possible.

When and as I see myself taking a moment to place/project myself outside myself to imagine all the possible forms I can take to manipulate the person that is presenting the point and myself to remain a slave/character, I stop, I breathe and I bring myself back Here. I realize that the point is here, not anywhere, and most certainly cannot be hidden, because everything stands here within and as myself, always, I realize that there is nowhere to hide because the point is here/has always been here as the expression of who I am as the physical and not a manipulation tactic to remain caged in, A Victim to Myself, I commit myself to show/reveal to myself and others as myself how one can take a part one door of opportunity to a door of victimization, to transforming/changing a door of opportunity to something I can abuse/compromise/sabotage in complete repetition.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not realize that every moment that I compromise/sabotage/abuse to remain manipulating a door of opportunity to stand here as breath as self-expression, I am in fact not seeing/realizing/understanding that I am not only compromising/sabotaging/abusing myself the door of opportunity to realize myself, but the change/opportunity for others to ever have an opportunity of living, because no matter how much I want to run away/hide from/suppress that my choice/decision that I live here as breath here in each moment is not only a choice/decision that I make for myself, but for those in this world/reality to have a chance/opportunity to live a dignified life, because we're all here in this physical reality, therefore, we're equally responsible to live each moment to it's utmost potential.

When and as I see myself compromising/sabotaging/abusing the doors of opportunities that I face here as breath in every moment, I stop, I breathe and I bring myself back here - I see and realize that I am showing/revealing to myself that I am not 100% fully dedicated to walking this process to my utmost potential here in this physical reality - and so I commit myself to slowly but surely HERE what is HERE in this physical reality, because I am fully responsible for not standing up to purposely/deliberately deafen myself when/as the door of opportunity presents itself to expand myself here in this life, by/through not remaining self-righteous just because I want to maintain my self-interest, to no longer remain a victim to myself, but live each moment to the best I can.

To Be Continued...
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