Saturday, August 11, 2012

Day 24: I'm a Sleepyhead!!!!!

This is a continuation to Day 23: Are You Sleeping Your Life Away?
I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to participate and experience myself as this heaviness of sleepiness/tiredness and so I would give into my mental tiredness to the extent wherein I would yawn because I missed the chance/opportunity/breath to transcend the point to understand that I deliberately/purposely allowed myself to deviate myself to take my power back to myself because of manipulating myself to not in-fact see, realize and understand that I allowed myself to completely give my power away to my mind because I'm well aware of the fact that I don't require more than 6 hours on a daily-basis unless I'm doing strenuous work and so my physical body requires sleep - therefore - that would be physical actual tiredness and so I manipulated myself that my body has been on too much pressure because I was self-creating excuses/justifications for myself to remain asleep within and as my world/reality in every possible way because I didn't give a fuck about changing myself to understand that I have the power to actually transcend the heaviness of sleepiness/tiredness  and so I allowed myself to give up on myself because of one mere mind-fuck reaction - therefore - my physical body was actually going into defense mode because god forbid myself to realize that I have the power to direct myself in every moment of every breath - I now see, realize and understand that giving into the heaviness of sleepiness/tiredness is just a reaction and nothing that I must define and give value to just because I'm experiencing it, because I have the power to realize that the heaviness of sleepiness/tiredness is just my mind whining/complaining because I'm about to transcend a point - therefore - my mind will do everything in its power to maintain its authority for myself to continue playing an inner-war within and as myself when I'm participating in the Sleepy CharACTer - I do not accept or allow myself to continuously live my Li (f) e participating and experiencing myself as a mere mind-fuck reaction of sleepiness/tiredness that was in actuality only another diversion tactic that my mind makes up because of going into panic mode to ever remain the one that doesn't have the power anymore - therefore - The Sleepy CharACTer is just another funny CharACTer that is whining/complaining for self to remain an organic robot that zombies throughout life sleeping in every possible way to remain just another CharACTer that gives into some mere sleepiness/tiredness that was in the end only a reaction of my mind.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to think/believe that the Sleepy CharACTer is acceptable to participate in because of how much I been reacting within/as my mind - not seeing, realizing and understanding that I'm not taking into consideration that only when/as the physical has been going through strenuous work does there involve more time to rest the physical body more then six hours and so I assumed/perceived that when/as I'm experiencing/participating in a emotional situation I interpret it as a point for myself to sleep my life away and when I'm participating/experiencing myself in a positive feeling situation then everything becomes fine and dandy and I actually just want to live my Li (f) e because everything is going peachy within my world/reality - within this I'm not taking into consideration that I was playing a huge polarity fuck up because when my life was apparently too emotional straining I would require sleep because of myself defining and giving value from outside sources to such an extent that I spend hours and hours in bed sleeping my life away and when everything was fine and dandy I would be fine with everything and sleeping wouldn't be an issue - therefore - I have used/abused sleeping as a defense mechanism when the going gets tough in my world/reality because sleeping because an escape point to not in-fact understand that The Sleepy CharACTer is just another diversion tactic for me to not take into consideration that I was too busying focusing on the polarity out plays of tiredness/sleepiness that I didn't create a solution for myself to in-fact breathe within/as the moment to see, realize and understand I have the power to stop The Sleepy CharACTer because not wanting/desiring to change at this point is ludicrous because is not about my precious self-interest but what it takes to create Heaven on Earth to no longer remain sleeping throughout Life because I was scared shuttles to in-fact realize that I have the power to direct myself in every moment of every breath - to be and become a self-responsible being that actually cares about Life and not waiting/wasting/postponing one's Life just because of not wanting/desiring to change and so there is no choice anymore to change or not to change because myself merely justifying/excusing myself to spend hours in my bed sleeping is another confirmation of how fucked up we as human beings have been living our lives and seeing as an acceptable part of Li (f) e.

I forgive myself that I have NOT accepted and allowed myself to take into consideration that while I'm spending my time sleeping or even just sleeping throughout Life completely oblivious to this physical reality is just another moment/opportunity/breath I lost because I was too busy fueling/powering the CharACTers within and as me because I never gave a fuck about Life but only remaining a slave to sleeping throughout my Life - therefore - I would spend the rest of my Life completely blinded of what is here in this physical reality and so I would hide/suppress the FEAR I would experience and participate in and so I would continuously remain blind to what I couldn't see because I was blinded by all the pretty shit within and as my mind to create The Sleepy CharACTer that remains apathetic to this world/reality and the state of ourselves because its the same principle of being afraid of the unknown - therefore - The Unknown is Change and so the Unknown is fearing what you cannot see because its something you haven't lived your entire Life and its something that self is not used to because a Life that is certain to never reach actual change is a Li (f) e of what the Sleepy CharACTer implies and so you have another Li (f) e wasted because we were too scared shitless to actually walk through the Darkness of the unknown to reach the point of no return - therefore - The Only Certainty is Life in Creating a World that is Best for All - to no longer remain just another slave that is sleeping our lives away because we were so afraid to actually live something that we never actually known because we were too busy wasting/waiting/postponing another moment/opportunity/breath because of the Uncertainty that is Creating a Life that is Best for ALL and so you're left with a Journey to Life.
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