Sunday, August 12, 2012

Day 25: GOD IS AWESOME!!!!!

"God has purpose for your pain, a reason for your struggle and a compensation for your faithfulness. Don't give up."

The only purpose that God has for our pain is the idea/belief that somehow our pain will be worthwhile and we will be rewarded for our faithfulness when were suffering - therefore - we will continue fucking with ourselves to assume/perceive that if we are Saints then everything will be fine and dandy because we placed our hope/faith onto something outside of ourselves and so we attempt/attain/try to find some purpose/reason for our struggles but in actuality all what were doing is perpetuating/compounding the point of our struggles because we never actually considered that the moment that we find some sort of reason/purpose that our life/process just keeps on compounding until we actually consider to stand up, I mean obviously if you're fortunate in this world-system enough to create some God that is going to bring us some Utopia because of how much pain were going through then you must be have the essentials to survive because you're still placing hope/faith in someone/something outside yourself. We have created this idea/belief that if we push through the pain/struggle then God will reward us and so we never had taken into consideration why/how God isn't giving those that are actually suffering in this world/reality some apparent compensation - therefore - the whole give as you would like to receive is bullshit because we think/believe that if we somehow push through all this pain that God will send us to Heaven and we can be on our merry way and not considering those that are in actual pain and so this is another indication that our pain wasn't even real because we used/abused our pain for our mental-masturbation to continuously search/find/seek some reward from God - therefore - God giving the Elite rewards to continue playing the game if you scratch my back I'll scratch yours is just another mind-fuck of I'll fuck you over and you'll justify/excuse my behavior to forevermore remain a slave/CharACTer and I'll do the same to you because we agreed to fuck each other to the end of time - Sounds like a good deal!!!!

We find reason/purpose for our struggles because at the end of the day we hope/put faith in someone/something outside ourselves to save us because we just like doing it. It's a game we been playing for quite some time because of deliberately doing anything in our delusional power makes us feel better about ourselves, I mean I did it simply because I allowed myself to believe/deceive myself from what my family taught me - therefore - I placed/projected trust to/towards my family without investigating for myself because I never considered that I must trust myself and only when I trust myself will I realize that the only one that can give me any compensation/reward is myself and this reward is not come benevolent gift outside ourselves to make us feel special/superior/important but the gift of Life because everyone is this world/reality has the gift of Life within and as themselves and its up to us to realize this point for ourselves - to understand who we are/could be instead of hoping/putting faith into someone/something to reward us because we never actually had ever rewarded ourselves - I'm not talking about rewarding ourselves with buying tons of shit to only hide/suppress how we experience/participate in the shit ourselves but to reward ourselves to actually be with ourselves in every moment to actually forgive ourselves to always wait/waste/postpone our lives because of wanting/desiring to be rewarded, I mean what were doing in essence is going everything in our delusional power for someone/something to reward us because we are scared shitless to reward ourselves to ourselves.

Therefore, what we then do is do every deliberately possible thing to not see, realize and understand that we have the power in every moment of every breath to reward ourselves our own breath - to in-fact bring our power back to ourselves, I mean if put as much motivation in how we don't give up on hiding/suppressing the truth of how we wait/waste our lives for some God then we would've created Heaven on Earth already - therefore - there are no excuses because at this moment if your quite comfortable with this world/reality this means you're another person that has been doing everything in his/her delusional power to maintain giving up on ourselves because of some ludicrous idea/belief of God - therefore - when were trying to not give up because of wanting/desiring to be rewarded from God were in essence already giving up on ourselves in every possibly way because of hoping/putting faith for the pain to end and so the only way for the pain to end is for the fortunate ones in the world-system that have the essentials to survive must stand up for those that have no voice in anyway, whatsoever. So, its time for us to give ourselves to ourselves to understand that all what we been doing is giving up on ourselves to allow the pain to continue.

To Be Continued...

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